Pride Legend Scooters

Pride Legend Scooters – 4 wheel Mobility Scooter

Are you tired of the wobbly unstable mobility scooters that are being sold today? Or the  large cumbersome scooters that are just to big to get around easily and safely.

Amazon is your number one place to buy  Pride legend scooters. Packed with all the features you require to enjoy your new found mobility, at an un-beatable price.

Don't think the Pride mobility scooter is just for the elderly, many people use mobility scooters after knee, hip, leg and back operations. Crutches and walking frames, are ok for small trips around the house, but you lose so much of your independence.  Pride mobility scooters will give this back to you and allow you to go places where you couldn't before.

Pride scooters have the top of the line 4 wheel scooter. Not only can it reach speeds of up to 5.75 mph while safely carrying up to 350 pounds, but it also includes a unique lockup system that makes dis-assembly and reassembly a simple task. The Legend goes beyond standard scooter design by including a rear suspension that keeps the scooter's wheels on the ground while taking the bumps out of the road.


Safety is no after thought with the Legend scooter either. A dual-bulb adjustable headlight illuminates your path at night and there is a tiller mounted headlight that keeps you visible. The front of the Legend has been reinforced to keep your scooter looking and functioning great for years to come. During this time the Legend's reclining high-back seat with adjustable headrest will make sure you enjoy the ride.

You can buy with confidence when purchasing with Amazon where they give you fantastic service and warranties for your products. 

5 Year Warranty: Covers the following – platform, forks, seat post and frame welds.

Two Year Warranty: All electronic parts including controllers and battery chargers.
1 Year Warranty: drivetrain, differential, motor and brakes.
6 Month Warranty: the batteries are covered by a separate 6 month warranty, provided by the battery manufacturer.

Pride legend scooters have a weight capacity of  350 lb and will travel 25mi per charge. Plenty of power giving the Legend scooter a maximum speed of 5.75 mph. The total weight with batteries is 215lb, with the heaviest piece at only 61lb. The Legend scooter breaks down into 7 Pieces making it easier for transporting.  Pneumatic tires with a sealed trans-axle. This 4 wheel scooter runs on a 24 Volt DC motor powered with 2 x 12 Volt, 32 Amp batteries. The Legend scooter will go in reverse and free wheel mode. Easy on board 3 Amp battery charger.











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